At NexusProtect we understand the need for a professional and reliable service, whether you require personnel security services for commercial, educational, retail, domestic situations or an event.

NexusProtect works within the strict confines of the law and will never compromise your or our integrity. We are committed to providing you with a timely and conclusive resolution. If law enforcement agencies need to be involved, we will also support all liaison and management of all materials gathered in line with any disclosure agreement with your organisation.

HR investigations

Some organisations do not have the capability or capacity to undertake complex or large HR based investigations. A failure in procedure or missing evidence can cost organisations thousands of pounds in tribunal costs and pay-outs. We use the skills gained from years of investigational and HR experience to advise, guide and undertake difficult or large investigations.

Corporate investigations

Whether it is internal or external whistle blowing or generally identified malpractice, NexusProtect can provide your organisation with expert investigators to either advise you on the correct path and or undertake the investigation on your behalf. We have experience of working with internal investigators and legal teams so we can provide additional support to an already ongoing investigation.


NexusProtect has a wealth of experience in staff vetting. The team has worked with HR and security vetting departments in both the private and public sectors. We understand the balance between legal, security and operational needs and will help you find a risked based approach to staff vetting across your organisation.

Personal Protection Officers & Security Management

NexusProtect’s carefully selected security teams work with you to create a security program that will ensure any threat to safety is mitigated in the office, at home and whilst travelling. To achieve this, we undertake a combined physical, information and technical assessment incorporating a prioritised system of recommended services to fit your business’s needs. The level of physical presence we provide – personal protection officer(s) or security management – is assigned in full consultation with you, and is designed to allow you to work without fear or distraction.