Almost every organisation relies on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its data and that of its clients.

Protecting key information assets is of critical importance to the sustainability and competitiveness of businesses today. Businesses are putting their reputation, customer trust and competitive advantage at great risk by failing to provide staff with effective cyber security awareness, and by not investing in a technical solution to defend against cyber-attacks.

Mitigating the threat of cyber-attack should be a strategic priority for any business. Protecting information and your IT infrastructure – whether electronically or by other means – should be at the heart of your organisation’s security planning.

Cyber Security Infographic

Cyber criminals seek to exploit UK organisations and infrastructure for profit. Their technical sophistication varies from small scale cyber-enabled fraud to persistent, advanced and professional organisations. They may directly steal money or monetise their capabilities indirectly through intellectual property theft, through extortion (issuing ransom demands following denial of service or data theft), or through malware.

  • The cyber threat to UK business is significant and growing.
  • This threat is varied and adaptable.
  • The rise of internet connected devices gives attackers more opportunity.
  • The past year has been punctuated by cyber-attacks on a scale and boldness not seen before.

NexusProtect takes a holistic view of the cyber risk. We do not just look at the technical perspective but the companies culture, staff vetting, ongoing management, training and awareness. If all these factors are not in sync or looked at with the same level of scrutiny then vulnerabilities will occur and it will only be a matter of time before you suffer a serious security breach.

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