Intelligent planning will allow your business to evolve into one that understands that good health and safety management is good business, can assist in building business resilience, consumer confidence and enhance your business reputation.

Why plan for Health, Safety & Environment?

  • Legal requirement
  • Moral obligations
  • Economic
  • Customer care
  • Good business sense

At NexusProtect, we take immense pride in our expertise and experience. The knowledge gained from working with a range of clients has empowered us to audit, develop and implement effective integrated safety, health and environment management systems across numerous business sectors.

NexusProtect has the ability and experience to operate from the shop floor to the board room. Our experience also includes working a across a diverse range of business sectors from Defence to transportation services, from the manufacturing to chemical plants, corporate to leisure and call centres to environmental services depots. This diverse background can only benefit our clients however complex their business and or that of their client.

Services Corporate Senior
Operations Engineering
HSE Policy
HSE Strategy
HSE Standards &
operating procedures
Consultation & Competent
Legal HSE Advice
Management of
Audit / Compliance
Subject Matter
Risk Assessment
Behavioural Safety
Build Safety Culture
Occupational Health 
Impacts & Aspects
Energy / Carbon Management
Bid Development
Business Risk Registers

Our HSEQ Health check is so designed to assist businesses in determining where they are on the journey to HSE excellence. Why not have an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the management systems your business relies on to ensure compliance to legislation, customer expectations and attain accreditations such as ISO management systems.