In everyday business incidents are inevitable and when they occur businesses need to act swiftly to identify, assess and manage the response. A pre-planned, coordinated and well-rehearsed approach, supported by senior management, will minimise the business impacts of such events.

An organisation’s response to an Incident needs to be proportionate. Small and medium sized businesses in particular will have to look carefully at the implementation options to ensure the appropriate capability is available in an affordable manner.

NexusProtect will help a business develop incident and crisis management processes so to help minimise the immediate and long-term business impact of incidents.

Benefits of the NexusProtect services can include:

  • Improved resilience and assurance of business continuity
  • Increased reputation and customer / stakeholder confidence
  • Direct financial benefits including reduced financial risk

Incidents may have a wide range of causes and their impact will vary dependant on their nature, scope and severity. It is therefore crucial that your business has a structured approach to incident management.

NexusProtect can help you develop and effective incident and crisis management plans which will include the development of roles & responsibilities, structure, processes, escalation pathways, communication plans and testing.