As part of any business strategy you must consider ‘What if things go wrong’. If you do not have robust and tested continuity plans your growing business could suffer serious reputational and financial damage.

Intelligent planning will allow your business to absorb future shocks and stresses to its social, economic, technical systems and infrastructures so to be able to maintain essential functions, structures, systems, and identity.

Why Business Continuity?

Business Continuity provides organisations with the ability to plan and quickly adapt to business disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations, safeguarding people, assets and brand equity.

NexusProtect can help you build robust foundations so to be able to deal with any situation or disaster. You cannot afford not to have invested in business continuity as it could cost you your business.

Holistic Approach

The development of business continuity (BC) plans in not just a C-suite process. Intelligent organisations need to include the full range of departments, suppliers and clients when considering its BC processes.

Have you considered an incident or crisis does not need to be occurring within your business to affect you?

You also need to be able to look outside of the usual day to day business operations to ensure you have taken everything into consideration.

Key Personnel

Have you identified the personnel to act upon an incident and or crisis? Do you have a ‘substitutes bench’? Are roles defined? What training they received? Are they available when an incident or crisis occurs? what is your plan?

Although key personnel are important when considering your make up of your incident & crisis management teams you must take more care on the role, the responsibilities, the training and testing of the plans with a larger team so to ensure continuity.

Planning & Testing

Are you confident in your organisations response during an incident or crisis?

To determine if business continuity procedures and resources work in a more realistic situation, a simulation test is desirable. It uses established business continuity resources, such as recovery sites, backup systems, and other specialized services.

NexusProtect can provide you with expertise gained from working with organisation such as the NHS and events such as the 2012 Olympics. We take a holistic view of your entire business and work with functional leads as well as the board to ensure you understand your vulnerabilities and have a comprehensive business continuity plan.

NexusProtect will support you through the process either as a managed service or as a supporting partner to ensure your business and your clients have the confidence to deal with incidents and crisis as they occur so to reduce business interruptions to a minimum.

Download the Nexus Protect guide to Business Continuity and Resilience.