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How Holistic is Your Approach to a Safe Return Back to Work?

As part of NexusProtect’s internal company reviews, teams are encouraged to work together rather than in silos to mitigate risk.

Departments all need to interact, for example, HR, procurement, finance and IT, to return back to work safely and maintain continuity.

We should be following government guidelines on specifics for certain workplaces – for example, offices or warehouses. But we should also consider our processes and departments.

If your teams are now working remotely part-time, is your IT infrastructure secure enough to enable this? Has your IT team communicated with all departments to remain secure?

Likewise, finance needs to be informed of any insurance policies or long-term costs around PPE and other office adaptations.

Health and safety needs to be top priority, but we also need to consider the long-term effects.

If your business doesn’t have a risk manager, we can help with an holistic approach to your business continuity.


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This blog is adapted from an interview that NexusProtect conducted with Business Aspects Magazine, which you can read here.

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