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Could you be Exposed by Holes in Your Cyber Security?

Around the world, professionals acknowledge Cyber Security Awareness Month in October.

The event was founded in the US, there known as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It was a collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security and the non-profit National Security Alliance.

Cyber Security Awareness Month is a great way of raising awareness for all businesses – not just those in the digital sectors. Anybody from educational institutions to manufacturers can be affected by holes in their security strategy, and should be vigilant all year round.

Reviewing your Cyber Security

One of the many services NexusProtect offers is a comprehensive audit of a business’ security practices. This can be anything from physical security to GDPR compliance, but the cyber security arm is considerably more in-depth.

Depending on your industry, there can be vulnerabilities on many levels.  The Equifax breach in 2017, was caused by a simple supply chain vulnerability that led to the leak of 773 million personal records.

In-house Training

Often, these breaches are not malicious but simply accidental.  That is why regular in-house cyber security training is so essential.


Something as simple as writing passwords on post-its and leaving them around can lead to deadly consequences


In a global exercise, our team found that 91% of office workers who opened a phishing link had not had any security training.

Holes in Security Systems

Beyond staff knowledge, there is also the in-house tech to consider.  For example, your company may be using out of date software that does not have the latest security patches.

Likewise, there needs to be a robust authentication process for all systems.

A two-factor authentication system that asks users to enter a code sent to a mobile device can help to prevent unauthorised access to emails.

Alternatively, a decentralised password management system ensures businesses are not vulnerable to cloud attacks.

Staff Access

Another key awareness factor is regular reviews of staff access.

There may be certain files that only senior management can access, or pin codes and passwords. These need to be updated regularly and changed every time a staff member leaves or changes position.


There are countless cases of disgruntled ex-employees hacking into systems. This can risk not only financial loss, but reputational damage too

Taking an Holistic Approach

Above all, it is important to include all departments in any security review.

While cyber security may be just one facet, it involves all departments, right down to daily key access.

NexusProtect works with a personal approach across departments from HR to marketing, physical security and IT.  Ultimately, the security of a business depends on its people, so our mission is to educate everyone toward a more secure business.


To discover how to safeguard your business from security breaches, please contact us.

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