COVID-19 fight

How Will You Play a Part in the Fight Against COVID-19?

As 2021 broke, the UK government was delighted to announce the news of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Of course, this came in tandem with the sad news that we would once again be plunged into a lockdown and a sharply increasing death rate forcing many businesses to review their operations.

The NexusProtect team has played its part over the previous lockdowns to support businesses stay operational.

So, what can be done?


Keep Customers and Clients Informed

It is easy for some businesses to ‘pivot’ during a pandemic, for example, restaurants turning to delivery. However, many operations simply cannot switch off.


In lieu of a pivot, we should do our best to remain open and keep our clients and customers informed of any changes in the delivery of services or products, which could include longer delivery times, different delivery methods and even different products


Plan ahead with staff resource, supply chain & product procurement, as well as service delivery expectations. It all depends on your access to staff and supply.

Only with robust resilience planning and accurate data management can you manage staff numbers and materials.


Deploy Regular Testing

NexusProtect and its partners are now able to offer Lateral Flow Test kits, with trained personnel to visit sites and support the delivery of testing.

Lateral flow testing provides results within 30 minutes which allows businesses to plan ahead and determine who is ‘fit to work’ and who must isolate, thereby helping them to plan projects and manage customer expectations.


Organise Your Data

Once the tests have been completed, it is also up to you to ensure your records are sufficiently organised, so that you can make decisions quickly.

There is also the additional burden of data protection, which cannot be achieved without robust data protection processes or software.

The NexusProtect team can support your business with a full set of resilience services from advice, to testing to operational and strategic planning.


Stick to the Guidance

If you are not able to work from home, you should follow government guidelines with appropriate PPE, distancing, cleaning regimes and the appropriate ventilation in indoor spaces.

It is not enough to simply take the tests and be complacent – we must continue sticking to the rules to keep staff safe.

Remember, your staff are the backbone of your business, but they are also its biggest risk.  Keep them informed, build a strong safe culture, and keep them well to ensure long-term resilience.

To discover how you can strengthen the long-term resilience of your business, during and post-COVID, please contact us.


Nick Holden


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