poor communication impacting business culture

Can Poor Communications Impact Your Business Culture?

In addition to financial or reputational loss, poor communications could also impact business culture.

At NexusProtect, the team want to discourage a negative working culture, wherein staff may feel left out of decisions and undervalued.

We, therefore, need to understand employee welfare, which is rooted in good business culture.

An open stream of communication encourages trust between all departments, which in turn will support business growth


This is especially pertinent at a time when many staff are still working from home.

I advise having regular team catch-ups to brief all departments on the goings-on in the business. This not only improves employee wellbeing but it’s also essential to security, especially with the increased cyber and insider threats.

We all need to be informed to continue efficient business operations, and to support our long-term goals of business growth.

Staff interaction can bring some of the best innovation, especially in times of crisis and hardship. Be a family.


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